Our business model is built on 27 years of experience of operating a Central Office team providing support and guidance to a network of entrepreneurial individuals with the drive and local knowledge to deliver success.

Our difference

Our experience and focus on customer service have enabled us to stand out from the crowd and are critical to the success of our Group. Our property franchisees and financial services advisers undergo intensive training and regular audits to ensure that they are equipped to deliver our required high standard of service.

A strong lettings base providing a recurring revenue stream coupled with an increasing revenue stream from property sales and financial services provide the Group with greater financial stability. Our model also enables our property franchisees to build a capital asset which, unlike income-based franchise options, provides a financial return on exit.

Both our franchisees and advisers benefit from the backup and support of a Central Office team whilst operating their own business with the entrepreneurial drive of an owner-manager.

We proactively identify suitable earnings enhancing businesses for our property franchisees to bolt on to their existing business, whilst also initiating the roll out of additional property services, such as financial services, to be offered by our franchisees, providing the opportunity for accelerated and sustained growth.

Our process

Belvoir sits at the centre of our two divisions

Belvoir operates a network of property franchisees and a network of financial services advisers supported by our Central Office team.

These two divisions overlap with our franchisees providing a lead source to our advisers who are well placed to provide mortgage and other property-related financial services advice to our landlords and our homeowners. Our advisers benefit from the reliable lead source, our property franchisees benefit from an additional revenue stream and our customers benefit from the smoother sales progression associated with one of our advisers being involved with the mortgage.

Our business at a glance

Delivering value

Franchisees and advisers

We provide a proactive support system, bringing the best and most up-to-date tools, advice, training and services to our business partners.

51 staff

holding or training towards a professional qualification


We recognise the need to attract, retain and develop the best talent to our Central Office team, offering opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development, to ensure that we deliver a professional service to our networks.


Our professional service goes above and beyond legal requirements. Our franchisees’ key role is to deliver exceptional customer service to their clients.

-2% EPS

EPS decreased to 19.9p (2021: 20.4p)


Our Board is committed to building a business capable of creating value for our shareholders based on sound business ethics.

EPS down by only 2% following exceptional market in 2021.