Committing to our ESG strategy.

As a people focused business, we are committed to having a positive impact on our stakeholders. What we do affects people’s lives across the UK, whether that be our franchisees, advisers, landlords, buyers and sellers or the thousands of tenants who live in properties managed by us. A thorough and relevant ESG strategy is vital in ensuring that we uphold our responsibilities to those stakeholders and their communities and make our impact on them as positive as possible.

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Our purpose

Our purpose is to help people realise their property, mortgage and franchise aspirations.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the agency of choice for our colleagues and our customers, providing the best property, mortgage and franchise expertise in our industry.

As a business we understand that the principles of ESG are becoming increasingly important to people at all levels of our business as well as our clients, shareholders and society as a whole. Our newly created ESG strategy will act as a roadmap to ensure that the future direction of our business is completely aligned with the expectations of our stakeholders.”

Dorian Gonsalves
Chief Executive Officer

Dorian Gonsalves - CEO

Our Group ESG strategy

The strategy addresses our most material ESG issues and has been developed to help us achieve our purpose by supporting sustainable business growth. We aim to achieve this by keeping ahead of market trends, addressing key business risks and opportunities, and leveraging Belvoir’s business strengths, all of which should deliver value to all our stakeholders.

Building trust

A strong culture of integrity and professional ethics underpin what we do, and we develop trusted relationships with our stakeholders by being straightforward, honest and open in all our communications and transactions at every level of our business.

Raising standards

We maintain the highest professional standards across our network through guidance, support and training for our franchisees and advisers, so they can offer a quality service to customers, protect tenants and buyers, and support landlords in providing safe homes that meet energy efficient standards.

Nurturing talent

We attract and retain a talented team that offers unrivalled support to our network by investing in its development, supporting its wellbeing and reinforcing an inclusive and open Company culture.

Harnessing technology

We invest in integrated and fully supported IT solutions in partnership with sector-specialist software providers to build efficiency and effectiveness through our network, to reduce our environmental impacts and to meet changing customer needs.

Building local businesses

We find, support and develop skilled entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses, expanding our network and providing much-needed investment and employment opportunities in local communities across the UK.

Case study - Building a local business

Gary Pemberton of Belvoir Warrington is a keen advocate of ESG and a member of Belvoir’s ESG Working Group.

“My wife, Amanda, and I started Belvoir Warrington as a cold start 13 years ago, and it’s very much a local business,” says Gary.

“A lettings and estate agency business really needs to be community focused. We started during the 2007/08 recession, and, having survived that, we began thinking how we could support the local community each year with fundraising events and sponsorship. As an example, this Christmas we held three fun days and presented a cheque for £500 to the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, a charity that looks after disadvantaged local children.

“My team all live locally, and our contractors, some of whom have been with us for years, are very much an extension of our team. By looking after our contractors and developing a good relationship with them we know we can rely on them to go the extra mile for our clients. This paid dividends during the pandemic when people really needed to feel supported.

“We are also launching a new Acts of Kindness initiative. Every month we will encourage our team, including contractors, to let us know of any acts of kindness they have been involved with in the community, and will share their story on social media in recognition of their efforts.

“The small things can make a big difference; for example, we recently set up a recycling station for batteries, we order recycled paper, and we use an app to wirelessly operate our air-conditioning system so that we don’t heat or cool the office when it is closed. We are very much at the beginning of our ESG journey, but we recognise its importance and know how much it will influence people’s decisions in the future.”

Learn more about our local businesses from page 5 on the 2021 Annual Report.

A letting and estate agency business really needs to be community focused.”

Gary Pemberton
Franchise owner