Our strategy

Our medium-term strategy is focused on leveraging our property and franchising expertise to meet our purpose of helping people to realise their property aspirations through a highly professional network of franchisees and financial advisers.

Milestones of 2020

  • Completion of the acquisition of Lovelle Estate Agents, a strong regional, mainly sales network with 16 branches in North Lincolnshire and the Humber

  • Four of the five corporate-owned Lovelle offices were franchised out to the branch manager

  • Strategic alliance with The Nottingham to take on its estate and lettings agencies within dual-branded Nottingham Building Society branches

Focus for the future

  • The assimilation of Nicholas Humphreys, acquired March 2021, into the Belvoir Group

  • Identify other property-related service companies to bring into the Group

  • Position Belvoir to take advantage of further strategic consolidation and strategic alliances within the property sector

Milestones of 2020

  • 11 (2019: 24) transactions completed by franchisees under the assisted acquisitions programme

  • Added £2.1m (2019: £6.6m) of acquired franchisee revenue to the network and £153,000 (2019: £580,000) p.a. in MSF

  • 90 (2019: 82) franchisees enrolled on the acquisition research programme

Focus for the future

  • Target to add around £5.0m p.a. of additional network revenue under the assisted acquisitions programme, dependent on market conditions

  • Provide a model to convert larger acquisition opportunities for our franchisees

  • Position our franchisees to take advantage of consolidation within the sector

Milestones of 2020

  • Eight new franchise owners joined the Group

  • Seven new franchise offices opened

  • Seven existing offices were resold either to a new or an existing franchise owner

  • Exceeded 200 financial advisers with 65 new advisers joining

Focus for the future

  • To continue to attract new franchise owners to the Group

  • To open offices in new territories

  • To facilitate the resale of existing property franchise offices

  • To extend our financial services network of advisers across the UK

Milestones of 2020

  • Under our collaboration with The Nottingham, there are now eleven dual-branded Nottingham Building Society branches

  • 141 offices are now offering financial services through a Brook financial adviser

  • Under our collaboration with HML Group, five of our franchise offices are offering block management and a further 13 are in the pipeline

Focus for the future

  • Encourage collaboration between property franchises and financial advisers to maximise conversion of mortgage leads

  • Build on the collaboration with The Nottingham to offer financial services to its members

  • Extend the range of property‑related services offered through our franchise networks

Milestones of 2020

  • New websites launched for the Northwood, Newton Fallowell and Lovelle brands

  • New marketing portal launched for the four franchise brands to give franchisees easier access to marketing campaigns

  • 5,000 trees planted as part of the Newton Fallowell climate change initiative and a commitment to plant a further 6,000 throughout 2021

Focus for the future

  • Increasing national advertising spend with Google to maximise brand awareness and generate more market appraisals

  • Launch new website for the Belvoir brand

  • Launch a sophisticated new email marketing platform allowing franchisees to produce agile content marketing campaigns