Our strategy

Our strategy is to leverage our property and franchising expertise to deliver both network growth and value for shareholders, underpinned by a highly professional network of franchisees and financial advisers with sound business ethics. 

Milestones of 2018

  • Another stage of integration of Northwood into the Group reducing the cost base by a further £200,000 p.a.

  • Brook invested in additional advisers and a call centre to achieve greater penetration of our networks

  • Acquisition of MAB Glos with aim of building a national financial services network

Focus for the future

  • Further integration of Group functions to deliver efficiencies and economies of scale

  • Identify other property-related service companies to bring into the Group

  • Position Belvoir to take advantage of further strategic consolidation within the property franchising sector

Milestones of 2018

  • 26 (2017: 23) transactions completed by franchisees under the assisted acquisitions programme

  • Added £6.9m (2017: £3.3m) of acquired revenue to the network and £643,000 (2017: £351,000) p.a. in MSF

  • 81 (2017: 73) franchisees enrolled on the acquisition research programme

Focus for the future

  • Target to add £7.0m of additional network revenue in 2019 under the assisted acquisitions programme

  • Strengthen relations with business transfer agents and improve targeting of potential sellers

  • Position our franchisees to take advantage of consolidation within the sector

Milestones of 2018

  • Ten new franchise owners joined the Group

  • Six new offices opened in 2018 including two “hot starts”

  • Ten existing offices were resold either to a new or an existing franchise owner

Focus for the future

  • Target to open three new and resell four property franchise offices in 2019

  • Target to recruit 30 new financial services advisers 

  • Match new franchised territories with a portfolio acquisition, where possible, to give new property franchisees an established income from day one

Milestones of 2018

  • 16% of our lettings-biased Belvoir and Northwood franchisees reported over £50,000 of sales revenue in 2018

  • Two Newton Fallowell estate agents added a lettings portfolio to their office by means of an assisted acquisition

  • Acquisition of MAB Glos to enhance revenue opportunities from financial services

Focus for the future

  • To build a nationwide network of financial advisers within five years

  • To encourage collaboration between property franchises and financial advisers to maximise conversion of mortgage leads

  • Target of 60% penetration of life policies to mortgage sales

Milestones of 2018

  • Northwood and Belvoir Gold and Silver for Best Franchise in the allAgents Awards based entirely on customer feedback

  • Refresh of the Belvoir brand introducing the new strapline “Property is Personal”

  • New Belvoir website launched with more emphasis on lead management and conversion

Focus for the future

  • Increasing national advertising to include cost-effective TV advertising to maximise brand awareness

  • Optimising and refining current marketing channels to maximise ROI

  • Continued development of the Belvoir, Northwood and Newton Fallowell websites to improve conversion